Welcome to Drew Anthony, our newest lab member!
Drew was awarded NSERC funding to conduct his PhD in our lab. He plans to apply community ecology ideas to our urban wilderness.

Congratulations Ruiping!
Ruiping was awarded NSERC CGS M funding to complete her MSc.

Congratulations Leila!
Leila was awarded OGS funding for her PhD research.

Congratulations Denon!
Denon successfully defended his PhD dissertation. He will soon begin a postdoc at the University of California, Davis.

Congratulations Kate!
Kate Brown is the new station manager at the Koffler Scientific Reserve, where much of the EEB field research at the University of Toronto is conducted.

New papers from the lab
Recent papers from Isabela Borges, Leila Forsyth, Rachel Germain, Tess Grainger, Natalie Jones and Denon Start are now out — see our publications for details.

Congratulations Kate!
Kate Brown defended a very successful MSc. She is moving to Tennessee to work with the Kalisz lab.

Congratulations Denon!
Denon has won a 2018 Excellence in Doctoral Research Award from the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) and the Ramsay Wright Award for his contributions to research and the intellectual life of the EEB department.

Congratulations Katie!
Katie won the Outstanding Contribution Award, a new award that was created to recognize the exceptional role she plays in the EEB department.

Congratulations Rachel! Rachel’s final PhD chapter won the ESA’s George Mercer Award.
Germain, R.M., S.Y. Strauss & B. Gilbert. 2017. Experimental dispersal reveals characteristic scales of biodiversity in a natural landscape. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 114: 4447-4452 

Research Coverage by Conservation Organization
Our Global Change Biology paper that experimentally tested the effects of warming and connectivity on metacommunity diversity was covered by Conservation Corridor, an organization that makes science accessible to policy makers

Congratulations Dr. Grainger!
Tess defended a very successful PhD. She will be working in Toronto for a few months before beginning a postdoctoral fellowship with Jonathan Levine.

Research Coverage by Quirks and Quarks! Denon was interviewed on Quirks and Quarks for his recent research on temperature and cannibalism Listen to the interview

Congratulations Zack!
Zachary Moore won the 2017 Best Undergraduate Evolutionary Ecology Poster Award for his poster on linking the temperature-dependence of life-history traits to population and community dynamics.

Congratulations Suhas!
Suhas Srinivasan was the runner-up for the Best Undergraduate Ecology Poster Award for his poster on priority effects in metacommunities.

Congratulations Tess!
Tess has won a 2017 Excellence in Doctoral Research Award from the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE).